Pushing Daisies Cancelled

Pushing Daisies


I’m not the type of person to really watch dramas.  Sometimes I get hooked on shows like Grey’s Anatomy… but then I realize what kind of garbage those shows are and stop watching.

But Pushing Daisies was different.  I didn’t really want to like the show, but it’s simple awesomeness won me over easily.  It was like watching an episodic Little Shop of Horrors, right down to having Audrey in the cast.  It was a macabre Stephen King novel, masquerading as a fairy tale.  What’s not to like?

All I can say is ABC sucks…

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Embedding Video in Video

Ok, I must admit that this technology developed by some Stanfurd guys is very cool.  Their examples for using this technology are mainly advertisement embedding, but I think that ads are just the beginning.  The ability to detect near/far objects in a 2D, moving image, and to do so cheaply, is a major milestone for independent videos.  Just couple this idea with cheap, 3D rendering software and I’m sure some film student could make a movie to rival Star Wars Episode 3.  (Hmmm… I guess a kindergartner with crayons and scotch tape could make a better movie than Star Wars Episode 3, but that’s not my point.)

Oh yeah, and take off that red shirt!

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Pico Projector

The Pico Pocket Projector is a portable projector that looks about the same size as a Nintendo DS.  I’ve had the theory for quite some time that one day we will have projectors built into our cell phones.  I’m guessing that within 15 years, this will be a standard feature built into blackberries.  Now, if I can only get that fancy Dick Tracy watch…