EGM is dead. Long live EGM.

Well, word is now out that Ziff Davis, publisher of gaming site and EGM Magazine, has made some big dealings with UGO Entertainment.  Apparently, 1UP was sold to UGO.  This certainly will mean big things for 1UP.  One of my favorite podcasts, 1UP Yours, is getting the ax :(

But more importantly for the industry, EGM Magazine is no more.  Anyone who has been playing video games for a long time will know EGM.  If you walk down the magazine aisle at your local grocery store, and look for a video game magazine (something I’ve been known to do from time to time), you will usually see a few mainstay magazines: EGM, GamePro, and Game Informer.  No offense to the others, but EGM is (was) the best of the best.  It is sad to think that they’ve now gone the way of the dodo.  Now I will be forced to choose one of those “other” (says with nasal tone) magazines.  EGM, you’ll be missed.

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