I’ve changed the address of my website to:

I’ve owned for over a decade, and I figured it was time to let it go.  (Seeing as how there has really never been any math…)

By the way, now may be a good time to point out the RSS feed links in the bottom left-hand corner of the site.  If you want to keep track of the updates I post to the website, RSS is an easy way to be notified of new content.  The main RSS feed is:

If you are interested, I highly recommend learning more about Google’s RSS reader.

20 Weeks

Here’s one of our 20 week ultrasound pictures.  It was so cool seeing all of the little details.  My favorite was seeing how well formed the heart is, with all its chambers.

Oh, by the way, if you didn’t know we were expecting, then surprise!

20 Week Ultrasound