The Price is (Exactly) Right

Wow.  That’s just… wow.

I’m a little inclined to believe it’s rigged, but I guess, statistically speaking, anything’s possible.  If true, then it sure does beat Drew Carey’s Price is Right premiere where everyone won every game (especially if that one was really rigged.)  The moral of the story is that if you are going to be on a game show, be on a game show with Drew Carey.

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Chuck Versus the Gravitron

Combine Chuck, one of my favorite TV shows, with the Gravitron, one of my all time favorite amusement park rides, and you get an excellent episode.  Favorite parts:

  • “Husky lads throughout Burbank went without britches for Christmas.”
  • Big Mike body slamming the bad guy and sending him flying.
  • “You’re under arrest, Jill, and I’m breaking up with you.”
  • Morgan digging through the trash for a turkey.

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Pushing Daisies Cancelled

Pushing Daisies


I’m not the type of person to really watch dramas.  Sometimes I get hooked on shows like Grey’s Anatomy… but then I realize what kind of garbage those shows are and stop watching.

But Pushing Daisies was different.  I didn’t really want to like the show, but it’s simple awesomeness won me over easily.  It was like watching an episodic Little Shop of Horrors, right down to having Audrey in the cast.  It was a macabre Stephen King novel, masquerading as a fairy tale.  What’s not to like?

All I can say is ABC sucks…

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One-season TV Shows

Monday night Jennifer and I watched Heroes on NBC. It was a great show, and definitely the show that I am most excited about this season. However, I have a kind of curse with shows that I like… they don’t last more than one season. Unfortunately, I see the same future for Heroes. Please, NBC, don’t cancel Heroes!

Here is a list of shows that I have loved, that for one reason or another didn’t make it past the first season:

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