Top 10 Most Difficult Games

GameTrailers: Top 10 Most Difficult Games

Contra – Played it.  Beat it (but only with UUDDLRLRBA.)

Zelda II – Played it.  Beat it.

Castelvania – Played it.  Beat it. (This was my first NES purchase, and the last game I ever beat on the NES.)

Devil May Cry 3 – Never played it.

Shinobi (PS2) – Never played it.

Ikaruga – Played it.  Never beat it.

F-Zero GX – Never played it.

Ninja Gaiden (All of them) – Played the original ones.  Never beat any of them.

Ghouls & Ghosts (All of them) – Played them.  Never beat them.

Battletoads – Played it.  Never beat it.

Man!  Maybe I’m not as hard-core as I thought.  I’m pretty proud of beating Castelvania, though!

Knytt Stories

I just downloaded this game Knytt Stories.  It’s a freeware game that has a neat little style all of its own.  I definitely recommend it to anyone that needs a cute little game to curb their gaming addiction.

The website is

I initially heard about the game from a review on Games for Lunch.  It’s a blog written by Kyle Orland, who does a pretty good job reviewing video games in one hour.  Of course, you can’t tell everything about a game in an hour, but in this case, he’s right on the nose.